Samsung S6 EDGE — USED — GSM Unlocked


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  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

    The world’s first and only dual curved smartphone screen expands the beauty and functionality of one of the brightest and highest resolution displays on the market. Colourful side notifications ensure that you will not miss a message again, and the Gorilla Glass 4 body with elegant curves, look as sleek and sharp as you do.

    * Provided in selected countries.

    • Enjoy clear display on the brilliant 5.1” Quad HD Super AMOLED screen
    • Stay productive with true multitasking on the first Octa-core 64 bit operating system
    • Work on the go continously with ultra-fast and wireless charging

    More power to you

    With the world’s first octa-core 64 bit operating system, you can experience true multi-tasking across a variety of productivity applications, keeping you and your business moving at the top of your game. The Galaxy S6 enables seamless connection with line-of-business applications through enterprise-ready features.

    Stay connected always

    Don’t let your business come to a stop when your battery runs out on your mobile. Stay connected anywhere, anytime. The Galaxy S6 has ultra fast and wireless charging, keeping you and your business going at all times.

    Functionally beautiful

    The attractive dual edge design of the Galaxy S6 Edge goes beyond any business ready device.

    The world’s first and only dual curved smartphone screen expands functionality by providing a groundbreaking way of delivering information.

    Superior viewing experience

    Enrich your mobile business experience with the Galaxy S6’s crisp 5.1″ WQHD (2560 x 1440) Super AMOLED display. View business documents, figures and capture text with ease on a display that improves your business experience.

    Maximum security

    Only available on Samsung Android, KNOX 2.4 brings defense-grade security and privacy to your smartphone. Using the intuitive Smart Manager widget, protect your hardware and business content with built-in Anti-Malware and KNOX Active Protection device security.

    The Galaxy S6

    Exquisitely crafted for business and beyond.

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