Here at DMV Unlocked Wireless - Cell Phone Repair Center we know that your time is VERY important. I mean come on we live in the Washington DC area after all. The capital of the free world! You might be waiting on a call from the President or your congressman might be about to return your call about your plans to save the planet. You're simply not Kansas anymore Dorthy. We need our cell phones and we refuse to live without them. As much as we hate them sometimes, we can't live without them.

So we offer one hour repair on many of our repair jobs -- not all of them mind you -- but most of our more common repairs. So if you crack the screen on your iPhone or Samsung Phone we can get your in and out of our shop in LESS than an hour. No extra charge! No appointment needed! Just walk-in anytime during regular shop hours.

NOW, keep in mind we can't do everything in an hour. Some things just take longer. We will give you an honest quote when you call, come in or email our shops. Liquid damaged devices takes time (days) diagnostics can take a while too. We'll let you know how long it will take each time and try our very best to meet that time quote. Our goal is fast and hassle free service!

Most of the time our repair service is faster AND cheaper than buying a new phone.

Some cell phone repair shops might quote you a cheap price but then you get there and find out it will take the better part of the day or till the next day to complete a simple repair. Other shops will force you to make an appointment or you might show-up and find they only have one tech on duty and he is busy when you get to their shop. Then there are the shops take force you to mail-in your phone. Time is money friends

At DMV Unlocked Wireless one hour repair is what we shoot for because we know you need your phone. We are a professional business with multiple locations around the DMV areas to serve you. Our shops stock thousands of parts so we are ready for whatever is wrong with your phone. Oh and did I mention that Cell Phone Repair is the main thing we do.

So stop into one of our area shops and check us out. Just visit us and say 'hi' if you'd like. Drop off your phone for repair and grab lunch or run a couple of errands. If you prefer wait in our comfortable waiting area -- many a customer has taken a nap on our comfy couch. Bring your kid's we have a kid's play area for them too. We have FREE WiFi, you don't find that every where ... OK, many places but not everywhere.

Check out our products!